Porsche 914 HP just a hand full of miles on it since rebuild. 2. Porsche 914 clutch and pressure plate. With new throw out bearing 3. Neal Brake Clutch and Gas cluster. all aluminum. 4. Wilwood brake calipers  5. 4  Neal disc rotors, with Chevy bolt pattern. 6.New bucket seats with 4 point harness. 7.4 speed   manual transmission. 8. Custom interior panels. 9. New Jbl Speakers , still in the boxes. 10. Lamborghini tail lights and turn signals. 11. New brake lines . 12.New HP Steering wheel. 13. New gauge cluster, Not installed 14. McLaren F1 Shoulder pads for harness. 15. Mc Laren badge . 16. V12 badge. 17. BMW engine cover. 18. Engine bay vented cover. 19 New Lexan for headlight covers. 20 Carbon fiber gear shift handle. 21. 4 Aluminum HP wheels.

Macomb, Michigan, United States

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