Built on a STRETCHED Fiero chassis to obtain the correct size wheelbase comparable to an original Diablo – Pretty accurate body dimensions/styling and size – Optional rear wing is installed on the rear trunk – Removable (convertible) top with guide pins and latch mechanism installed. (This removable top will still need some work to make it more usable) – NEW Intro brand replica polished aluminum 5 hole wheels with replica 3 piece wheel design. (Bolts on the outer part of the wheel centers but not real 3 piece wheels) – Wheels are 17×10″ in the rears and 17×8″ for the fronts – Brand New Tires! Kumho Ecsta 275/40ZR17 rears and 235/40R17 in fronts – Wheels have the Lamborghini 5 hole styling with polished aluminum center caps. The wheel center caps are aluminum and the emblems are stickers. – Rear wheels have 1.5″ spacers installed on each side to give the rears the proper look in proportion to the wheel well lip – Allen lug nuts (reverse socket type) – Scissor doors open, close and latch smoothly. Keyed exterior door latch release/handles which also lock down flush with the surface when not in use. (Key is missing for these latch handles)

Castro Valley, California, United States

See listing for this stretched Fiero 1984 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster replica from June 5, 2020