This kit car is built on a infinity G35 chassis which is great because they are very reasonable and reliable.    This car is running and driving with the body kit installed. This is an automatic G35 car.  There is a strong roll cage inside. The fiberglass interior parts are rough installed.  The power windows are working but not attached to the car wiring.  The lambo doors work awesome. The door gaps have been bodyworked which really puts you ahead of the game.  The rear trunk opens and closes great, latch and lock works, gas struts hold the lid open.  They have started a trunk drip ledge to keep the water from going into the trunk area but this is unfinished.  The front hood is not hinged so this is the only part that is not attached to the car.    The lights are just installed but not wired into the car so they do not work at this time.

Sebastian, Florida, United States