It is a 1927 Alfa Romeo roadster replica. The whole body is fiberglass. It has fenders over rear tires, engine is a 60 HP Dual Port engine and VW 4 speed transmission. It runs and shifts good. The engine is in the rear and the gas tank and battery are located in the front. The wire spoke wheels look great and all the tires are good. It even has matching spare tire. All the lights work including headlights, taillights, brake lights and blinkers. The seat looks good. The lights for the gauges work. It has a horn button that works. It has a small windshield and a rear view mirror. It has tail pipes running out the back. The ones on the sides are just for looks. No doors. Fun car and a real attention getter.

Location: Bremen, Georgia, United States

Seller: bigousedcars

See listing: racer 1927 Alfa Romeo Replica (from September 22, 2020)