This particular GTM was fitted with a BRAND NEW GM LS 376 crate motor that includes a high lift cam with aggressive lopey idle.  The motor is mated to a 6 speed Porsche G50-20 transmission built by California Motorsports.  The entire car runs off an ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System with car wiring harness, key fob & ignition disable.  A custom Kooks exhaust system was designed specifically for the mid-engine layout and sounds amazing. The dual induction intake system was custom fabricated to be functional by inducting cool air from the induction scoops on both sides of the car.  Modular Concept engineered the 3 piece forged aluminum carbon fiber face wheels with perfect offset specifically for the GTM.  They are 19X9 fronts 2″ lip, and 20X12.5 rears 4″ lip with large 345 mm rear tires.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States