TheHistory behind the project…

Auctioning a dream!

The project started in 2008, when I was 17 years old (when Icouldn’t even drive in Brazil, legal age here is 18 years old)

So it’s been more than 10 years dedicated to building thisproject, in fact almost 15 years! That’s why every step of the assembly processwas done with extreme detail and dedication, as they say, haste makes waste!

The car follows 100% of the original car, without anycustomization or modification.

PowerTrain “Plug & Play”, curiosity and versatility!

I chose a 2JZ-GTE with original Toyota Supra 6-speed Getragtransmission (transmission and engine not included)so it’s a “plug and play” option, since that the engine mount isalready made for the 2JZ.

The curiosity of this project is that, originally, theToyota Supra is a a front engine car and rear wheel drive, so in this projectthe powertrain of the Toyota Supra was installed in the back of the car withthe transmission pointing forward, so how we can make it a RWD as the originalLamborghini ??? … The solution was a custom made “V-Drive” capable of handling+1000hp to sends the power back to the rear making it a RWD car!

This makes the project even more versatile, as you have thefreedom to choose any engine setup that fits in the engine bay, be it mid, rearor front engine… and I can tell you that the engine bay is huge! So Intheory, you can put any engine you want, just some welding work to chage theengine mount and you’re ready to go!

What has been done, what is included and what need to be done to complete the project?

What was done and what is included:

– Laser Cut tube chassis made by Scuderia Marinelli;

-Fiber Glass Body made by Scuderia Marinelli;

– Suspension (Bilstein Shocks and Eibach Springs);

– Hydraulic Clutch System intaled;

– Brake System Instaled (ABS Ready)

Front: Corvette Z06’s giant calipers + Rotors;

Back: Willwod 4 piston calipers + Z06 Rotors;

Handbrake hand crank as the original (on the floor, leftside of the driver’s seat);

– Engine and transmission mount for 2JZ Engine +Transmission;

– Custom Made V-Drive (built to handle +1000hp);

– Engine Cooling System with 2 high performance radiators +fans;

– Seat Belt System;

– ORIGINAL Interior Lights;

– ORIGINAL electric window and mirrors buttons;

– VintageAir Air Conditioner Evaporator case and air ducthoses installed on the dashboard, ready to fit your custom HVAC sytem;

– All interior parts is done and ready to be installed!

Door covers, seats, dashboard, etc were hand made in Black and Tan leather (seethe inspiration example in the picture), the console and mid tunnel is fiberglass made and covered with carbon fiber, so is exactly the same looking as theoriginal car, in the dashboard the complete gauge system have the same setup asthe original car.

– Complete Glass Set is included and ready to be installed;

– ORIGINAL Italian Made SpeedLine Corsa 18” LamborghiniWheels (those are rare and expensive) tires are not new but in good condition.

Here isthe soul of the car… THE PAINT JOB (from far, this is the car highlight… topnotch job)

The paint job was literally, LITERALLY 100%handmade from the scratch!

Over 2 and half years was dedicated to every detail of thecar, every line, every curve, every crease was done and redone with a clinicaleye.

The car was painted in the Lamborghini color “ArancioAtlas Mic” with PPG’s ORIGINAL Tri-Coat paint, in each painting step thecar had 6 to 7 layers of each coat from the “tri coat” applied, I reallyinvested heavily in the paint job because it is exactly the first look thatwill make an impact, and will make a god impression on those who see the car.

What needto be done to complete the project?

I consider the project to be 95% complete…

Assembly of chassis and body, suspension, brakes system, sterring wheel, whole glass set and interior parts, wheels and tires (tires arenot new but in good condition) and many other details have already been done oris included.

So basically what you will need to do is the installationservice of the interior, glass set, and the electrical system… The car goes without the powertrain, so youwill choose your prefered engine which will result in a customized electricalsystem, so that’s why car will go without the electrical system.

Shipping and Handling

Thecar is in Sao Paulo – Brazil, the nearest port to ship the car is Santos Port.

I can ship it worldwide, buyer will be responsible for every shipping, handling, insurance and taxes costs.

Price: $90,000

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